Align teeth the traditional way

Traditional fixed braces are well known way to align teeth, they have been used successfully for many years.

With fixed braces a small square bracket is temporarily bonded to your tooth and a wire is attached to the bracket on each tooth. The wire and brackets can be silver or tooth coloured. Your dentist will be able to assess whether this treatment is suitable for you.

Fixed braces are very effective and tend to be cheaper than clear aligners, the main drawbacks are that they can make your teeth harder to clean, so a high level of oral hygiene is required. Regular visits to the hygienist will also be recommended. They are also visibly obvious when compared to clear aligner systems, which are more discrete.

Clear Aligners

Clear Aligners are become a more popular method of aligning teeth. At Thatch House Dental we offer a number of clear aligner systems to best suit our patients’ needs and budgets.

One main advantage of clear aligners is that they are quite difficult to distinguish, so you can straighten your teeth without people really noticing.

The aligners are removable, this makes eating and cleaning your teeth much easier when compared to fixed braces.

Brackets and wires are not used in clear aligners, making the process much easier to carry out and fewer appointments are therefore required for adjustments, meaning less time in the dental practice for the patient.

Treatment Length

90 Mins

Recovery Time



Not required

Best Results

5 - 10 Sessions

Frequently Asked Questions

We are often asked many questions associated with our treatment, and the questions listed below form a selection of the most frequently asked. If you have any questions which do not appear in this list, please contact us.

For orthodontic treatment we can either take impressions or a scan of your teeth using our state of the art digital scanner.

Yes, we always recommend lifelong retention following any orthodontic work to prevent your teeth moving back to a mal-aligned position.

When you first get your braces placed, there can be some discomfort. The braces can feel a little rough in your mouth and your teeth can initially ache when a wire is placed as the teeth are moving, this ache can return when the wire is adjusted but usually will only last for a few days.

Price List

Teeth straightening cost starts from £2800.00

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