Preventative care rather than cure

At Thatch House Dental, we are focused on preventative care rather than cure.

We recommend routine examinations every 6 months so that we can pick up on any decay at the earliest point, making it much smaller and easier to treat.

When a tooth has decay, the longer it is left, the more it will spread into the tooth. The tooth can then become compromised, the nerve can die leading to the tooth needing either a root canal treatment or extracting.

There are two main types of permanent filling materials:

Amalgam is still used in some cases; however, it is not aesthetic, it is not environmentally friendly, and usually requires more healthy tooth removal to lock the filling into place.

Composite is a versatile and strong material. It is highly aesthetic and minimally invasive. It comes in many different shades; we will match it to your tooth colour, and it bonds to the tooth therefore we do not have to remove excessive healthy tooth tissue to lock it in place.

Fillings are normally placed under local anaesthetic, there should be no pain experienced during the procedure. Some sensitivity can be expected for a few days after the filling has been placed. If you have significant pain after a filling has been placed, please contact your dentist.

Treatment Length

30 Mins - 1 Hour

Recovery Time

24 Hours


Usually required

Best Results

1 Sessions

Price List

Filling cost start from:
£125.00 for an Amalgam filling,
£125.00 for a small composite filling,
£190.00 for a medium composite filling,
£210.00 for a large composite filling.

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